Top ways on how to beat the drug test


Passing a drug test is next to impossible for people who use drugs or those who are on medications using some medicines. There are numerous ways to beat the drug test and get negative results for substances being tested. Some of the ways of cheating in drug tests are safe while others pose a real threat to the health and well-being of the individual. Therefore, it is necessary to review the safety of the method you are planning on using.

Some of the top ways you can use to beat the drug test include:


fklfk895This is arguably the most widely used method of beating drug tests. In this method, the candidate takes a lot of water before providing urine as a sample to be used for drug testing. The main reason for using this method is so as to water down the drugs to make their detection hard and impossible. While there are people who use plain water in this method others especially athletes use salty solutions for purposes of inducing thirst thus increasing their intake of water. It is worth noting that drinking too much water or other fluids too quickly can have life-threatening consequences.

Swapping urine samples

At times, candidates result to swapping urine samples to pass drug tests. Synthetic pee is the most used option in swapping urine during drug tests. The greatest challenge to this method is temperature. If you provide a urine sample that is lower than the body’s temperature by a significant margin, then you are going to be caught. To avoid getting caught, most drug testing candidates prefer using their friend’s clean urine samples.

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Switching drugs

The drugs that are detected in urine tests are those that are excreted from the body through the urine. For other drugs such as inhalants, their detection through urine or other body fluids is impossible. This method is outright dangerous and can even result in death. This is because drugs such as inhalants introduce different chemical vapor types; most of which can damage the lungs and cause severe illnesses like lung cancer. What’s worse about this method is that it can trigger a killer heart condition called “sudden sniffing death”.

Discontinue the use of drugs in proper time

djhdjd874This is the safest and most accurate method of beating drug tests. If you know that you will take a drug test in a few months’ time, it is advisable to quit using drugs in proper time. This provides the body with enough time to excrete all drug substances in the body and test negative during a drug test. If you are on probation, searching for a job or working in a profession that requires random drug testing from time to time, then you should discontinue any use of drugs or other prohibited substances. Exercising may also help you to get rid of drugs from the body faster.

Understanding the length of time that a particular drug remains in the body might also help you in beating drug tests. These tests do not detect drug use at that exact moment but rather in the recent past such as few days or weeks ago.